Wednesday Happy Thoughts!

Jun 5, 2013

Happiness is:
1. The swimming party at Rona's place last Sunday! A last hurrah for summer and a chance to get together with great friends.
2. Emilie, our always M-I-A friend was there too!
3. The food: adobo and pakbet of Rona, Emilie's pizza delivery, Ehm's pansit and kakanin, and my chicken curry.
4. The kid's first day of school.  They woke up so early, excited to go to school. Hope they keep up the excitement for the whole year.
5. My excitement over our upcoming Davao trip.  Di bale na walang pera, basta madaming picture!
6. Losing two lbs this week. Well, I will gain it back again, but still.
7. My painting job last weekend.  The shoe cabinet is now painted a maple red!
8. New vouchers purchased for me, my mom and sister! Beautification project!
9. New developments on our housing loan.  Hopefully, we will get a lower interest rate and then qualify for a new loan after prepaying this one.  Keeping our fingers tightly crossed!
10.And property for the year has been paid, yes!

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