Wednesday Happy Thoughts!

Jun 19, 2013

Happiness is:
1. Our Davao trip tomorrow with the Superfriends!
2. Blogging moolah for my trip.
3. Work has been a little lighter this week compared to last week, perfect timing for my vacation.
4. My mom for still making my coffee and baon to work. Sweet.
5. My eldest for reading! He is into Greek mythology right now and asked me to download some books into the Kindle! Yey.
6. The book Wonder by RJ Palacios. A very, very good read.
7. Chocolates.
8. My sister for she now has a government-issued ID, hahaha.
9. Ambers palabok and pichi-pichi. Yummy!
10. My husband is almost well enough for our trip, yey!

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