Me Time

Aug 6, 2013

I am so busy right now that I have things coming out of my ears already! Hahahaha, kidding! But of course, I am now juggling work, motherhood and my studies, and after being out of school for more than ten years, I am just so out of practice and there are moments when I ask my self why I even thought to enroll.  These times of self doubt are coming in in waves, and sometimes, I give in to them.  How? I sleep. Yep.  I just figured in between teaching, babysitting and all other mom-stuff, and work, I sometimes deserve a Me-time. I love sleeping and reading and when everything becomes too much, I just stop, read, and sleep. I figured everything else will be right where I left them anyway when I woke up, but I will be rested and re-charged and ready to face them again.  And since I hate losing, I find ways to make things easier too by looking at to help me look for help! Its a free ads portal so everything is just within reach. 

We should always remember that we are just human, and sometimes we just need to take a step back, and relax.  I would rather take a little breather, than face my problems when I am overwhelmed because I know that I might not always make the best decisions.  So, take a little time off, and concentrate on the best thing in your life, You!

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