Seafood Dining at Yellow Fin, Davao City

Aug 12, 2013

After our Samal Adventure, we went to the hotel to drop off our things and then went out again to look for a place to have dinner.  Yellow Fin was highly recommended so we decided to give it a try.  We ordered separately, and for us, we tried the Adobong Tuna Buntot which was good for 2-3 persons.  And it was good!  We also had tempura which was very good also! I wanted to try some of their veggies, but unfortunately, they were not available.  Aside from the tuna and tempura, I cant remember what else we ordered. But we tried their Durian Shake, and it was really good.  I have no sense of smell so I wasn't really bothered by the smell, which one of my friends described as amoy imburnal, hahahaha. I guess its a good thing I can't smell it? Hahahah. Anyway, if you happen to go try the Adobong Tuna Buntot, it was really really good! 

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