About Time

Sep 20, 2013

Last Wednesday, we were able to watch About Time, thanks to our friend Rona who works at Philhealth. They have free tickets and she asked us to join her and her husband. And when I am with my friends, I am always prepared to enjoy myself whether over dinner, over a massage or over a movie.  It was just an extra added bonus that the movie About Time was indeed very good.

Spoiler Alert!!! The movie is about Tim, who discovers he can travel back in time and he does so to make some things in his life better.  He met Mary one night, but had to go back in time to help a friend of his father with his play, which means he didn't get to meet Mary. So he made plans to meet Mary and they did eventually marry.  After his daughter was born, his sister had an accident and he went back in time to try to change it, he had a different child which means he cant travel back further than when his kids were born, otherwise, they will change. So he had to make his sister realize her mistake without going back in time. Then they discovered his dad has cancer and cant be cured anymore.  Tim used time travel to spend more time with his father but he had to finally say goodbye when his third child was born.  His dad told home to re-live his days, the first time with all the stress and the next one, to just enjoy it.  Until such time when Tim realizes that it is better to live each day once and enjoy it to the fullest.

I love the British dry humor and I love Rachel McAdams so I really love this film.  It really made me feel good!

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