Inked at Wild Ones Tattoo

Sep 17, 2013

Getting a tattoo has been on my bucket list forever.  And I my first ink last year at Ink Asia.  But like they said, once you start, you probably would want to have more! So when I saw vouchers on sale at Ensogo for Wild Ones Tattoo, I didn't even hesitate and got 2 vouchers for myself. Then I sent my design to them via Facebook and set an appointment for myself last Saturday.
Wild Ones Tattoo is located at President's Ave in BF Homes Paranaque.  It was easy to locate, even coming from Sta Mesa in Manila. The shop is clean and looks well-maintained. When I got there, we work on my design while waiting for the artist who texted that he was on his way.  For my nape, I initially wanted a heart thumbprint but according to Eric, it wont look as nice in the size that I prefer.  And while they can do it, it won't look as good in 6 months.  Good thing they told me that so I opted for this linear elephant tattoo.
Since I already had a tattoo on my foot, which was really painful by the way, getting one at the nape was relatively easy.  It was painful, but not as painful as the one on my foot.  My wrist tattoo, which was birds in flight for my 3 kids was a success and not even painful anymore!
The tattoo artist was Mark or Batas to fliptop admirers like my son, who cant believe I didn't even ask to have a photo with him!  I told Eric that these two tattoos are my last and I'm done with inking, he told me he doesn't believe me, and you know what, I think he's right! Hahahaha!

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