Paanod (Water Tubing) In Davao

Sep 24, 2013

Our trip in Davao last June was very memorable, because once more, we have proven that great happiness indeed came from bad plans! Hahaha! It was my idea to do water-tubing as we already tried White Water Rafting in Cagayan De Oro earlier this year. I am usually the itinerary planner, and so we added the water tubing to our adventure.  I contacted Layak thru their Facebook page, and so for P450 per pax, we were good to go.
We also rented a jeepney for P1,400 to take us from the hotel to Layak's shop and back as we were pressed for time.  When we got to the shop, they loaded the tubes and the gears and we were off to the Tolomo river for our adventure.  We were suited up, and had an orientation and demonstration.  There were 5 of them for the 8 of us and several extra tubes. 
It looks very easy, but I tell you: IT'S HARD!  You are on your own tube so you have to propel yourself and stay afloat.  Since the tubes rotate, you have to move your body so that you are always facing forward so that you will not topple over, which I did quite a lot! 
I had several cuts and bruises and I lost my charm bracelet (which I forgot to take off )when I had a particularly bad fall.  The instruction was just to float and hold on to the vest and somebody will pull you up.  But there were rocks and the current was strong and I was dragged a few feet before I was pulled up.  My hand got hit by a big stone and was swollen in an instant.  They assigned one guide to me after that but I would still topple over! 
But was it worth it? Oh yeah!!!! But will I do it again? Hell, No!  Will I recommend it to people? Yes, of course! We all had fun, and although I was the most injured in the group, I had the most fun! The cuts and bruises were not serious but I got scared during my bad fall, but I knew it was just my luck. Nobody else fell on the spot where I toppled over, hahaha.  They keep saying it was my baby fats, hahaha.  

Anyway, I love how the guides from Layak were very capable and they also know how to have fun! Try it for yourself, if you must, hahahah!

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