People's Park In Davao City

Sep 25, 2013

One of the places that you have to visit when you go to Davao City is the People's Park.  Entrance is free, but they have a very strict guard at the gate, who looked thoroughly at our bags.  I think they were looking for writing materials that can be used to vandalize the place, like markers and such because we saw a lot of them left at the table. Anyway, I am all for security so I didn't mind the search.
The park is huge and very beautiful!  There were so many beautiful art installations and just a lot to see that represents Davao.  After that heart lunch at Blue Carabao, we were just too happy to walk it off and have lots of pictures taken.  The boys slept at the benches because they were tired after the Paanod.  We stayed at the park for more than an hour before we were ready to go back to the hotel for our flight back to Manila. 

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