Wednesday Happy Thoughts!

Sep 18, 2013

Happiness is a choice.  So despite what I am going through, I still choose to be happy! Happiness is:
1. The movie date with the BFF's last night! Free movie ticket, great movie, great company!
2. My new tattoos are healing perfectly.
3. Palawan trip is almost set! Super excited for this.
4. Our new kitchen looks very nice.  Just a little touch of paint and it will be perfect.
5. Pan De Manila's ensaymada.
6. Chinese lumpia from The Little Store. Yum!
7. My no rice diet, on its third day, is a success.
8. My Inay and my sisters for being supportive.
9. My classmates, hahaha, for reminding me that coming back to school is worth it.
10.  My friends Ehms and Rona, for being there which is more than enough.

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