Wednesday Happy Thoughts!

Oct 10, 2013

"Keep an attitude of gratitude!"

Happiness is:
1. Being busy at work and with school projects, and still having some time to blog!
2. Going to my ENT and getting much needed relief (and medicines) so I can smell again. May opt for surgery though if one week of treatment doesn't work.
3. Can't smell a thing, but still eats well, too well! Ha ha ha!
4. Cadbury chocolate.
5. Putok ni Arnold.  Arnold is this guy who sells putok in the office, and our boss buys the whole bunch for us to eat.
6. Our thesis is almost done!
7. The excitement of our Palawan trip is in the air and the kids are having a countdown!'
8. My pedicure, thanks to IShi!
9. Sardines with Kalamansi. Yummy!
10. Almost done with my papers and setting a time table to review for another Finals tomorrow. Now, if only I can stop blogging! Hahaha!

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