Conquering Mountains: Mt. Pico De Loro

Nov 11, 2013

At the summit of Mt. Pico de Loro, after climbing the monolith
Last November 3, we were finally able to push through with our supposedly last mountain for the year, Pico De Loro in Batangas, and I tell you, this is one beautiful mountain! And climbing that monolith was a defining moment for me.  With focus and determination, I was able to overcome my fear and do it! And what a reward it was to be stand on top of that rock and say, "I did it"!

How to go there:
My friend Ehms and I left met at 4am in Pasay Rotanda, at the bus station behind McDonalds.  Then we rode a van going to Nasugbu where we met our friend Teng, her husband and 2 officemates and our two guides from the Nasugbu Mountaineers. Fare was P180.  We traveled to the jump-off point in the DENR and started our hike at around 9am.  It was an 'easy' hike but I don't know who make the classifications but for me, it was not easy.  But it was fun! Herbert, our guide, gives us time to catch our breath and we took out time taking pictures! 

The weather was good for the climb as it was not too hot.  Below is the beautiful view even before we reach the top!
After our lunch, we were ready to go up the monolith.  I was really scared, but I said to myself, that I was there anyway and might as well do it, and so I did.
Focus!  All photos at the monolith are from Herbert Endozo, our guide.
On top of the world!

Roy, Poli, Teng, Stanley, Monet and me at the top of the monolith.   Herbert was at the summit poised to take our photos! 
 Thanks to Herbert for the wonderful photos! 
After an hour, it was time to go down and scale the summit.  Going up and down that monolith was an all-together different experience and I live it up to you to challenge yourself.  But if you ask me if it was worth, oh hell yeah!
'It's not the mountain that we conquer but ourselves!

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