Friday Letters

Jan 17, 2014

Dear Research Title, Thank you that you are now approved but scared that now I have to write three chapters and I have no desire/idea/inclination to even start writing you down! Blah, studying is hard. Dear Work, thank you for filling up the hours in my day because otherwise, I will go crazy with these thoughts in my mind.  Dear Iphone, now I know love! But my productivity level was indirectly proportional to my level of excitement with you, hahaha! Lagot ako sa boss ko neto! Dear You-Know-Who-You-Are, I know my worth and its more than what you are caring to show me. Beware. You might end up losing more than you think you could ever lose. Dear February, I wish you would come sooner! I desperately need to get out of my head!  Dear Kindle Fire, I miss you since when you were stolen. But I have started a Kindle Fund again and I hope that I can have one again soon! Dear Instagram, I love you na, hahaha!

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