New Year's Resolutions

Jan 10, 2014

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Welcome 2014 and I wish that this year will be a much better one than last year.  And while I am not really into making resolutions at the start of the year, let me try it now.  Here are some of the things that I vow to do this year.
  1. I will not buy anymore airline tickets during seat sale this year. I already have two tickets booked for this year, one international and one domestic and both with the Superfriends, and that is enough already.  The travel with the family will have to be a road trip or a staycation. I am sure I will be able to find good TakeCoupons coupons for this. And for teh travel with the husband, maybe an overnight in Tagaytay will suffice.
  2. I will try to read more books and stop playing Candy Crush, hahaha.
  3. I will write one blog post a day and not neglect my blogs.
  4. I will do something about our  travel albums and photo frames which I have been planning to do for some time now.
  5. I will try to save at least P50K this year and invest in the bond market next year.
  6. I will try to climb 12 mountains this year.
  7. I will try to run 7 times a week and encourage my daughter to join me during the weekends.
  8. I will try to eat much healthier this year and lose weight.
  9. I will try not to procrastinate any more. 
  10. I will study more.

I wish I will be able to do this things this year, more to improve myself and be happier than ever. So good luck to me!

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