Pork Sinigang ni Inay!

Jan 23, 2014

I am very lucky to have a mom who loves to cook (although I am fat because of that but that's for another blog post) and today, when I am on my Day 3 of diet, look what she prepared! One of her specialties, Pork Sinigang! And of course the diet went flying out the window, hahaha! Anyway, here is how my mom cooks her sinigang.

1 kilo buto buto ( I don't why but we love the buto buto more than the liempo or cubes)
1 tali Sitaw
1 tali Okra
1 labanos
1 tali Kangkong
5 siling haba
1/4 kilo gabi
1 sibuyas
1 magic sarap 
1 pack Sinigang Mix

How to:
Boil the buto buto with the gabi and sibuyas for 15 minutes.  Grind the gabi. Once the meat is tender, add the vegetables except the sili ang kangkong.  Let boil and then add the sinigang mix and magic sarap. Season to taste. Let boil and add the sili and kangkong. Let simmer for a little while and serve while hot! Best served with patis and siling labuyo, and hot rice na may tutong!

On a side note, I was able to create a post using my IPhone! And with a picture too!

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