How To Cook Tikoy

Feb 1, 2014

It was Chinese New Year yesterday and of course, we have Tikoy at home. My husband is the expert in cooking the Tikoy and I am the expert in eating, hahahaha.

I have always thought that cooking Tikoy was a common knowledge until when my friend texted me asking how to cook it! So here goes :

You will need a box of tikoy, eggs and oil for cooking. Just slice the tikoy into squares depending on the size that you prefer, dip it into the scramble egg and fry! As soon as the egg is cooked, the tikoy is cooked. Put in paper towels to drain the pil and serve hot! Yummmyyy!

Tikoy can also be cooked like Turon. Just wrap the tikoy sliced into strips with lumpia wrapper and deep fry. As soon as the wrapper turns brown, the tikoy is cooked! Enjoy!

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