10 Things That I Want To Tell My 19 Year Old Self

Mar 11, 2014

Ten things that I want to tell my 19-year old self:

  1. If you can help it, don't get married right away. Make sure to finish your studies and then look for a nice job that you will love and enjoy. If you have a partner, make sure he finishes his degree too. Don't take no for an answer on that score because it will get harder for him and for your family if he doesn't. But if you can't help it, then get married.  It won't be easy, and at times it could even be so hard you would want to quit, but it will always be worth it.
  2. Get 2 years of work experience, then go back to school right away.  It gets a little harder to go back to studying when you are a little older and a wife, a mother, an employee and a student.  There are so many distractions that your focus tends to be a little off.  If you want to study, and I know you do because I am doing it right now, do it right away!
  3.  Travel. Going places is a great way to learn and appreciate life.  It doesn't always have to be a grand vacation and budget travel is okay and is even fun, so go and visit places you have never been to before. And do things that you have never done before. It will make you a better person, more appreciative of what is around you.
  4. Take good care of your body. Its the only one you've got.  Exercise and eat properly, and maintain a normal weight so you wont have to worry about hypertension, diabetes and the likes.  And it makes dressing up a lot easier too!
  5. Read, read as much as you can.  It is never a waste of time to sit quietly in a corner and travel in faraway places with just one book.  
  6. Learn to say " I Love You" and "I'm Sorry."  It doesn't cost anything and the people around you will always know how much they mean to you.
  7. Strive to be the better person always.  You don't always have to win, you don't always have to be right.  But you must always be kind.
  8. Love your mother with all your heart. For all her faults, she is your biggest and truest supporter.  Don't be shy in telling her you love her.
  9. Let go of your insecurities.  They will just weight you down.  Have a little more faith in yourself.  You are a strong person.
  10.  Try to enjoy life more. Just because you are enjoying yourself doesn't mean you are being irresponsible. Besides, what is the point of all this if you do not enjoy it?

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