Wednesday Happy Thoughts!

Mar 19, 2014

Happy Wednesday! Happiness is:
1. Done with the report for Sunday and therefore, I have more time to devote to doing that dang thesis!
2. Paid my IPhone in full already! Insert happy dance here.
3. Reading books on the Kindle in my IPhone. Simple joys!
4. Denise is Top 5 and Danniel is Top 3, and Drex is graduating! Yey for education!
5. Successful no-meat diet so far.
6. A climb this March 30!
7. My imbento meals like pasta with corned tuna. Hehehe, walang lasa!
8. Helpful friends. You know who you are.
9. Nikka and Micko's graduation and recognition and just hanging out with the siblings and family. This is love!
10. Praying the rosary, for keeping me sane.

To see how this started and for credits on the image, click here.

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