Batangas Food Trip

Apr 15, 2014

On the way to Mt. Gulugod Baboy, we had breakfast at one of the eatery at the Grand Terminal and we were pleasantly surprised to find that the food were delicious! For breakfast, we had the Goto and the Silog. The Goto, which I was surprised to find was not like the Lugaw we know in Manila, but was more like Papaitan. But since I was on a no-meat diet, I just had to taste the soup and it was great! It was a little spicy and really tasty. Then after our trek, we had a very late lunch at the same eatery and ordered their rice and sinaing na tulingan and the lomi. The fish was just right, and we even asked for some tomatoes, in a real Batangenyo fashion. The lomi deserves 5 stars: it was creamy and delicious! I do not have enough words to describe it except that you must try it!

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