Conquering Mountains: Mt. Maria Makiling: UPLB Trail

Apr 8, 2014

My first climb for 2014 proved to be very memorable.  It was a post-birthday climb, February 2, and I am proud to say that my 37 year old can still climb up that 1,090 MASL mountain.  But the legends about the mountain being enchanted is true! But I will not share with you the details of that part of the adventure. I will leave it to you to 'meet' the mountain for yourself!
The Nasugbu Adventure Club met at the UPLB jump-off station and after a few reminders (we forgot to pray, hence the 'adventure'!) we were off to do the 7.8km trek to Peak 2.  We battled those pesky Limatiks, and I kid you not, they were everywhere! That makes it this trek unique because you cannot just plop down on the ground to rest!  
We first reached the mud springs, or mud spots which are formed when due to volcanic heat, sulfuric acid breaks down surrounding rocks into clay and the clay mixes with water to form very hot mud.  
After a while we reached the Agila Base and the Wilderness zone and then the real fun begins! The mountain is indeed very rich in flora and Limatiks and our trek was slowed down considerably because of the mud.

The summit was not as spectacular as other mountains, but is nonetheless breathtaking! Again, resting on the ground was a challenge because of the Limatiks but since we were bone tired, we just ignored them.  Going down, we had that 'adventure', and when we finalllyyyyyyyyy reached civilization, we decided to just jump at the back of habal-habal waiting at the road to get back to the UPLB jump off.  We enjoyed a quick hot shower and decided to bade Maria goodbye! It was a trek that I will never forget!

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  • Unknown
    May 02, 2015  

    hope you can review my experience too. it was really enchanting and nice trip

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