Wednesday Happy Thoughts

May 29, 2014

Happiness is:
1. The kids are all officially enrolled, thanks God!
2. We were able to buy school shoes on sale last night! Woohoo for savings!
3. The Maleficient movie date with Ishi, thanks to Globe and Nuffnang.
4. And the photobooth. I had 7 pictures printed from my Instagram account, hahaha.
5. The 4-gig USB as give-away.
6. I am almost enrolled, just need money to pay for my own tuition fee, hehehe.
7. And I am taking Saturday classes instead so I can climb mountains on Sundays, hahaha.
8. Danniel is now done with his 'baptism of sorts,' hahaha. Buti na lang, hindi sha cry-baby!
9. Missing Inay because she went home to the province, but happy that she is enjoying herself with her mother and siblings.
10. Divisoria date with Ishi this weekend. Excited!

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