I Should Probably Write About My Cambodia-Vietnam Trip

Jun 20, 2014

Cambodia 2014
Cambodia 2012
I have been on a Cambodia-Vietnam trip twice already. Once in 2012 with 4 of my office mates.  It was my first time to travel outside of the country so I wanted to do it first with seasoned travelers.  The next one was early this year, when I brought my husband and the 4 Super friends on the same trip. I enjoyed myself immensely in both trips, because during the first one, everything was new and my office mates were so great about it, indulging my habit of taking pictures of everything! I may have take more than a thousand pictures during that 5-day trip.  On the second time, I enjoyed myself simply because my husband was there, and the Superfriends who are the closest people to me, next to my family.  The place was not new to me, but the experience was entirely different.  It was my turn to be a guide, and yet, I discover new things too! I highly recommend this trip for couples and group of friends, not much for those with young kids.

So for the next few entries, please bear with me as I finally write about the visit to the Angkor Wat temples and finally crossing off one item from my bucket list.

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