Have a Break, Have a KITKAT!

Jun 18, 2014

The multi-tasker (mom, mountaineer, daughter, sister, wife, friend!)

" If you were given a chance to unlock the following skills, why would you choose to unlock such skill and why?"
  1. Type faster and flawlessly.
  2. Never forget any detail.
  3. Create awesome presentation decks.
  4. Multitask at any given time.
If given the chance, I would prefer to multitask at any given time.  That way, I will be able to accomplish a lot of things, and still have quality of life!

I am a wife to a great husband, mother to three wonderful kids, daughter to an awesome mom, sister to two cool ladies, a hard-working employee, a struggling MBA student and friends to many people that I can only call awesome.  Aside from these, I have a passion for traveling on a budget, I love to climb mountains and I love to write on my numerous blogs.  I do many things at a time, and they all compete for my attention.  My family takes priority over everything else, then comes my work which is my source of income, and then everything else in my life is to fulfill some needs that I have to satisfy.  And I want to do them all, love doing them all, but sometimes, I am dying with fatigue because of them all! One friend recently asked why I keep on doing some of them, like taking an MBA degree, which is my 'unfinished business' by the way, and will be a subject of  a different some other time, but I can't seem to stop myself.  It is not a punishment because I enjoy all of them, and yet, one can only do so much with the hours that we have.

So if I have a choice, I would love to have the ability to multitask so that I don't spread myself too thinly, and get to enjoy every thing and every minute of my life with everybody that I love!

But yeah, I do know when to take a break, thanks to #KITKATBreakMovement!

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