Our Hotels In Siam Reap: Cheathata Angkor Hotel and Unique Angkor Villa

Jun 23, 2014

In my first visit to Siam Reap in Cambodia in 2012, we stayed at Cheathata Angkor Hotel.  This is near Pub Street, which is the area know for tourist friendly restaurants and bars, as well as the Night Market.  We stayed at this hotel for two nights because our arrival in Siam Reap is at 930pm.  We spent one and a half day touring the Angkor Wat temples and then left on the second day to go to Phnom Penh.  We stayed in one room for 5 of us, and I think we spent around P2,500 per person.  The upside in this hotel is the buffet breakfast and we were able to load up that we didn't need to take lunch. 
Cheathata Angkor Hotel
On my next visit to Siam Reap, we stayed at the Unique Angkor Villa. This is near Cheathata as well and just walking distance from Pub Street and the night market.  We got 3 rooms for six of us, and only spend P2,400 per room or P1,200 per pax. Breakfast was plated, but we got unlimited coffee and cold water. We also had cold towels when we get back from our tour. 
The Unique Angkor Villa
I can say that I was able to experience Siam Reap in two ways-one on a budget, and another on a not-so-budget trip. With my office friends, we rented a van but with the my BFF's we roamed the temples on Tuktuk.  Both experience was great.  If you have more budget to spend, you can try to stay at Cheathata because of the buffet breakfast, but service was better at The Unique Angkor Villa.

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