Saan Ga Ang Lakad Mo? Ako ay Lilipad!

Jul 25, 2014

Ayan na naman sha! Piso-piso na naman! E kakalabas lang ng 2015 holiday at baka gusto mong lumipad! Tara na at ikutin natin ang Pinas!

Wednesday Happy Thoughts

Jul 23, 2014

Happiness is:
1. My mom is 60 and still kicking! Love you Inay!
2. My sister just turned 40 and she is the best.
3. Swimming in the rain with the whole family.
4. 2 Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Lite and 1 Samsung Galaxy Trend=Happy Kiddos!
5. My mom's new glasses rocks!
6. Confirmed tour and accommodation in El Nido, baby!
7. Cuddle weather.
8. Monggo at Tuyo.
9. TV in the bedroom. If only we have another cable box, hahaha.
10. Done with my report for 2 of my MBA subjects. Now, I will only need to show up, hahahah!

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Happy 100 Years!

Jul 21, 2014

July is the birth month of two of the most important women in my life: my mother, Mila and my sister, Dianne. Together, they are 100 years old! I love them both to all bits and pieces, and I hope to get even a tenth of their wisdom! We celebrated their birthdays with a simple dinner, some karaoke session and then a day of swimming in the rain. It was a fun-filled day, perfect with the whole family present!

What I Do For Fun!

Jul 14, 2014

I am a DIY queen! I started painting the kitchen cabinets, I am now done painting the living room and the bathroom! I will next move on to painting our bedroom. I don't know why, but I find the task very therapeutic.  I know it is very tiring, but I sense a certain kind of fulfillment when the walls are new and bright.  And I love doing it myself.  As my hashtag said, I am an office girl by day, and a laborer by heart, hahaha!

Wednesday Happy Thoughts

Jul 10, 2014

Happiness is:
1. Relationship is getting better.
2. Learning to trust again, slowly but surely.
3. Our El Nido trip may be a go after all.
4. Loom bands!
5. Cashew nuts
6. Class coordinator for two subjects. What have I gotten myself into???
7. Looking at El Nido packaged tours and Agoda hotels, hehehe.
8. Cuddling.
9. Saying I Love You's once more.
10. Keeping my fingers crossed and praying fervently for a blessing of a better job for my husband.

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Robinson Supermarket's 7th Fit and Fun Run

Jul 7, 2014

I ran a 10K during the 1st Robinson's Fit and Fun Run and just last Sunday, I ran with a buddy again! My officemate's running buddy was suddenly unavailable so she offered me the slot to be her buddy. Of course I said yes.  I really wanted to join this not only as a form of fitness, but also because the loot bag is great, aside from the numerous sampling booths and freebies! Hahaha, that is the "Fun" part of the Fit and Fun run!
So we made good time at 1:20, despite having walked most of the Skyway.  I had blisters on my right foot and I know that its a sign that I need new shoes, hahaha! The run was well-attended of course, and I saw lots of office mates running past me, or I would run past them.  Too bad my husband wasn't my running buddy, but he was there the whole time as well. 
I hope to be able to join the next Fit and Fun run as I enjoyed it very much!

Robinsons Fit and Fun Buddy Run

Jul 4, 2014

Gunning for 10K
I was not able to buy a race pack for the Robinsons Fit and Fun Buddy Run which will be held this Sunday, but luckily for me, the buddy of my office mate will be on official business so she sold me her pack.  This is going to be my second time to join the buddy run, again for 10k.  Goodluck to me!

Wednesday Happy Thoughts!

Jul 3, 2014

Happiness is:
1. Family.
2. Fighting for what you love.
3. Trust.
4. No work for today due to Pasig Day!
5. Painting our cabinets green.
6. Dimsum buffet at Xin Tian Di. Burp
7. Too much work, no time to think.
8. Friends. You know who you are.
9. My mom. She loves me unconditionally.
10. Choices. We live with them.

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