Breathless in Bayon!

Aug 30, 2014

If I have to choose only one place to go to in the whole of the Angkot Wat Heritage Complex, that would be heartbreaking and impossible. But if I really have to choose only one, I really can't.  But if I have to choose two, then Bayon would be definitely one of them.  It is just so grand and majestic! The most distinguishing features of Bayon Temple are the four smiling faces of Buddha on each of the towers.
Nose to nose with one of them, the silly tourist! The temple is at the exact center of the Angkor Thom and is not enclosed on any side.  It is perfect for picture taking from all vantage points!
There are said to be around 49 towers in the temple, each side carved with a face, but now only 37 remain.

There are various bas reliefs on the wall as well that contains scenes of  everyday life, or what appears to be dancing, festivals and others.
Aside from Angkor Wat, this is the grandest temple that I have seen in my visit.  The Bayon is said to be the last temple to be built in Angkor.
Can I just say one more time how grand and spectacular the Bayon temple is? If you really have only two places to go to in Siam Reap, never ever miss the Bayon!
Remember, this was my second visit and I was still awed at its beauty!

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