Day 3: El Nido, Island Hopping Tour B

Aug 11, 2014

After a rain-filled Tour A the day before, we were now ready for another island hopping day.  We were supposed to do the Tour C, but since it was raining heavily the night before, the Coast Guard did not allow them to go in open sea where most of the islands in Tour C are located.  So we were just happy that the tour was not cancelled, and Tour B it was.

Our first stop for the day was Pinagbuyutan Island.  No, the tour guide didn't know what the word means as well and he said it was probably an old word that people have not forgotten.  The island was beautiful beyond words! There was a lush greenery on the island, and coconut trees that sway with the strong winds. The water was clear and snorkeling, or just floating around was heaven!  Too bad it rained so hard.  You may notice that our photos are somehow blurred as the camera was inside a plastic, hehehe.
The rain was so strong here that one of the members of our tour was almost swept away.  She panicked and the boatmen had to throw her a life jacket. Hmm, that is why I have my life vest on, all of the time, hehehe.

Our next stop was at Cudugnon Cave. It was said to be an ancient burial ground of the first settlers in the island.  We went inside the cave in this small opening where you had to slide yourself slowly inside. It was fascinating.  I really can't stop but be awed at how wonderful nature works when left on its own.
We also had lunch on the island.  We had two grilled fish and grilled pork and the crabs.  We also had some cucumber and tomato salad and pineapple and watermelon.  It was a nice lunch as two of the members of our group were foreigners and they had lots of questions and good things to say about the Philippines and the Filipinos they worked with in Dubai.  

After lunch, we then proceeded to visit Snake Island.  We docked in the shallow waters, which was supposed to be a sand bar during summer.  We climbed to the viewing deck, and from there, we can see how the sandbar forms a letter S between one island and the nearby mangrove area.  The view from the viewing deck was amazing! The tour guide also showed us the pitcher plant that grows on the hill.  It was still raining heavily so we were only able to take some pictures but we love how beautiful the island is and how clear and warm the water is.

After Snake Island, we were supposed go the Cathedral Cave but by this time, the rain was already too heavy and the sky getting too dark. Our boatmen told us asked us if we want to proceed to the next destination but it will be very wavy as we will be going against the strong current.  So we all decided to just head back as it was already past 3pm and we had enough of being wet and cold the whole day, hahaha.

So my husband asked me, since we have been to Puerto Princesa, Underground River, Honda Bay, Coron and now finally El Nido, if I will ever again plan a trip to Palawan and I said yes, for Tour C, hahaha! Oh yes, Palawan is so beautiful and it is one of the best places in the Phillipines that I have been tom and I am sure to be back again!

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