Wednesday Happy Thoughts!

Aug 20, 2014

Happiness is:
1. Exam day today. It was QC holiday so my kids had more time to review.
2. Danniel's application for Phil Science HS has been filed. Test is on October 4. Crossing my fingers!
3. Not making the 500-calorie a day diet, but somehow making it below the 1,200-calorie mark.
4. Paksiw na pata. And that is the reason for #4, hehehe.
5. My Samsung tablet for the movie downloads.
6. Rebond deal at Metrodeal.  And the salon is just across my office!
7. My topic for my Strama class requirement was approved.  If only I can already finish it, hahaha.
8. Watching To Kill a Mockingbird and Psycho.  Too bad they don't make movies like them anymore!
9. Yvan Navy burger, as introduced by my son Drex.  Super spicy, but yummy.  We have a new favorite!
10.  Hugs, light kisses and snuggling. It's nice to be loved!

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