Channsoda Hotel, Phnom Penh

Sep 7, 2014

I booked all our hotels for this travel in December 2013 using Agoda.  This was one of the cheapest hotel that I could find in the River Quay Area that I could find.  Would you believe this costs us only $25 per room? So let me list down the good things about this hotel:
no queen bed available, but look at the view of the Palace!
The Good:
1. So cheap at $25 a night, with plated breakfast. We only stayed for one night.
2. Very near the Royale Palace.  You can see the palace from our window.
3. It's very near the restaurants in the Quay area.
4. Nice bed and bathroom
The Bad:
1. We were at the top floor! It was the 3rd floor, but it was actually the fifth floor and there was no elevator!
2. Talking to the front desk was a nightmare. We couldn't ask for a cup of hot water for tea. Either they can't understand us or they pretend not to understand us.  How hard can it be to ask for a cup of hot water?
3. One of the rooms had a clogged sink and nobody came to fix it despite several calls to the front desk.
4. Wifi signal at the room was bad. You had to stay outside your room to get access.
The boys and the Palace behind them
So was it worth it and will I recommend the hotel for other people?  Well, if you are looking for a cheap place, have no problem climbing several flight of stairs and will have nothing to do with the front desk, then this is your place.  Since we stayed outside the whole day and left the following afternoon, the hotel was okay for our needs.

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