Lunch at Kabbas, Phnom Penh

Sep 16, 2014

After a quick tour of the National Museum, we raced back to our hotel and brought our bags down, waiting for the pick-up from Mekong Express.  We had a little time to spare so we had a quick lunch at Kabbas restaurant, which was also just along our hotel's street.  And what a surprise!
We ordered these simple dishes and were pleasantly surprised because they were so good and the service was great. The owner even gave us some sugarcane and rice on bamboo to nibble on while waiting for our food to be served. The walls of the restaurants were lined with wonderful comments from guests all over the world saying how they loved the food!
Our friend Paul left his phone charging on our lunch table and he had to race back for it from the bus station with my husband.  The phone was just where he left it! The bus was about to leave and it was such a nerve-wracking experience as the conductor was asking us to call them or else the bus will leave and the bus was almost at the gate when they came back running! Hahaha, it was such a memorable part of the trip! And kudos for the restaurant staff for their honesty.

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