Night Market at Pub Street

Sep 5, 2014

After a full day of going around the Angkor Wat heritage site where we skipped lunch because we had a heavy breakfast and snacks with us, we were tired and hungry.  We stopped by a convenience store and bought huge bowls of noodles for 'light'snack before heading out to Pub Street for dinner. Our light snack turned to be too much we were still so full by dinner time! So we had more time to roam the night market!
Our hotel was just a street way from the night market.  There so many souvenir items to choose from! Of course, we bought some shirts, key chains and ref magnets. I also bought a nice formal shirt for my husband.  We were able to buy 2 t-shirts for  5 dollars.
There were also many restaurant and bars in Pub Street.  They have the crickets above sold on the street. No, we did not try them, hahaha.  We had foot massage instead for 2 dollars for 30 minutes.  And we were just happy soaking the tourist vibe of the busy street!
Before going home, we tried this local dish. It was stir-fried noodles for only a dollar!  We saw several Pinoys trying them so we got curious.  It was good! Too bad I wasn't able to take a photo of the food before we ate it.  We retired to our hotel rooms shortly after because we have an early bus ride to Phnom Penh.  The buys opted to buy the local beers from the store near our hotel and just had them at the hotel balcony before retiring for the night.  Next stop: Phnom Penh!

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