Phnom Penh to Ho Chi Minh

Sep 17, 2014

Travel from Phnom Penh to Ho Chi Minh took us another 6 hours.  This time, we were in Mekong Express so we had a comfortable travel.  There was an English-speaking conductor, we had snacks on the bus, and we had a 30-minute stop over where we had some noodles.  We were dropped off on the bus stop and we were once again lost on how to find our way to Mifuki Inn.  We were supposed to walk and I had a map printed, but nobody could give us the proper direction on which way to take so we ended up riding a taxi for only $3 for the six of us.
I already stayed at Mifuki Boutique when I went here with office friends but since we were on a budget, we opted to stay at Mifuki Inn for almost half the price.  Then we went out in search of dinner and some money exchange.  We also booked our Cu Chi Tunnel tour for the next morning with the booking office in the hotel lobby.  It was super efficient, and then we were ready for bed, eager for our first day in Vietnam!

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