The Angkor Wat

Sep 4, 2014

The Angkor Wat complex is the must see temple in all of the Angkor Wat heritage site. It is the most well-preserved and the the most known of all the temples in the country.  It is on their flag and is a national symbol.  This was our last stop for the day, and of course the finale for our Siam Reap tour.
When I first came here in 2013, my office mates and I went to see the sunrise.  It was a beautiful sight to behold, but for me and my friends we decided to skip it.  Despite having seen several grand temples during the day, we were still amazed!
The walls were adorned with lots and lots of bas-reliefs or those artwork embossed on the wall.  You can see that tourists keep on touching the breasts of the images! Stop doing that!
There were so many decorations, apsaras and devatas alike! There were so many perfect sites for photography! Actually, we were already tired here and decided to sit down to just take everything in.
The above is one of our most memorable photos as a group.  The ceiling above is said to be the center of the Angkor Wat complex and the stone below is the marker.  Our happy faces just show how much we enjoyed being there!

Several more shots inside and outside of the temple.
The above is the bas-relief galleries.  You have to see them.  They are in the outer galleries that look out to a very peaceful scene.  The perfect time to visit is on the afternoon when its too hot outside because you are in a covered part of the temple, and yet you can still continue with your tour.  It depicts various scenes of war, daily lives and history.
And that ends my tour of the Angkor Wat heritage site. Let me end this by saying that something as beautiful as the Angkor Wat complex must be seen and shared to us as part of our cultural heritage and humanity, we must do our part in its conservation.  Even by simply not touching them and just enjoying them from afar. That will prolong their existence.  Be responsible tourists!

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