Wednesday Happy Thoughts!

Sep 3, 2014

Happy Wednesday! Happiness is:
1. Bati na kami ulit. Yeah, we are crazy like that.
2. Rice subsidy is here. Kahit na no rice or half rice lang me.
3. Ace Water Spa last Sunday
4. My niece and nephew, and my sis and bro-in law for the surprise over nigth visit.
5. Corn. Yummy!
6. No more extension wires! Thanks Kuya Mher for the power outlets.
7. Kikay bonding with my daughter. Hot oil for her and pedi for me!
8. First time massage for my mom! She loved it!
9. Loving my hair! I just woke up like this, hahaha!
10. Calamansi muffin.

To see how this started and for credits on the image, click here.

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