Wednesday Happy Thoughts!

Sep 11, 2014

Happiness is:
1. Get together and dinner with BFF's last Friday. Last we were all together was during our Cambodia-Vietnam trip in February.
2. My BFF Rona's scholarship to Germany! Way to go, Rons!
3. My daughter won first place in scrabble in their school intrams.
4. My Strama paper is almost done. Achievement, hahaha.
5. Buffet lunch at 7 corners. Bursting!
6. First time to have dinner at Dampa, due to #1.
7. Fatboy Pizza from Metrodeal voucher.
8. Danggit at sinangag.
9. That 500-calorie diet that isn't gonna happen no matter how hard I keep on trying, hahaha.
10. Completed the whole week of gym! If only I could stop eating too much then I won't be fat.

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