Wednesday Happy Thoughts

Sep 18, 2014

Happiness is:
1. Danniel and Ishi are both Top 4! Danniel slipped one slot, but Ishi moved up so it was all good.
2. I finally went back to my ENT doctor again after 10 months. And it looks better than last year.  Had some tests done too.
3. I passed my hearing test. I thought I failed, hahaha.
4. The rainy dinner and dessert with the BFF's last Saturday. It was so good catching up with them.
5. Had some warts removed, thanks to our company's health card. I look horrible! Hahaha. Tiis-ganda mode on.
6. Done with 3 requirements out of 6 for one of my MBA subjest this semester.  I can already smell freedom!
7. Bought 2 massage vouchers for the hubby.  Hope to use it soon.
8. One huge microwable-home made cheese that lasted 5 days! A miracle it lasted that long, hahaha.
9. Peanut butter and coco jam. Yep, more carbs from bread.
10. Paying off some loans! Felt so good, hahahaha.

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