Dad's World Buffet: A Gastronomic Adventure

Nov 12, 2014

We love buffets! Just the previous month, Ehms, Rona and I had an eat-all you can and kwento-all you can bonding session at Yakimix, first because Rona was leaving to for a study grant abroad and because we just love to eat.  This time, to celebrate Paul's new job, we tried Dad's World Buffet in EDSA.  We availed of the One Free Buffet for a Group of 4, so we ended up paying P666 each.
These are all my plates during this gastronomic adventure.  There was actually one plate of the salad that I was not able to take a photo because I ran out of battery. Can you guess which ones my favorite? Yes, the Japanese section.  I just love all the selection. 
The buffet comes with unlimited drinks so I guess each of us had 6 glasses of fruit shakes between us.  The place was big and the ambiance was okay.  There were also lots of people having dinner, and a group was going around to sing some songs per table. The waiters were attentive and would give us our drinks right away. 
Dad's World Buffet had both Kamayan and Saisaki, and a lot more food choices.  There was just literally too much food to choose from! I didn't even get to try other country's dishes as I was just happy with all those Japanese fare. The cake I had for dessert was also good. 
So, will we come back at Dad's World Buffet? No, But only because we want to try other buffet offerings out there. It was actually a great experience and was good value for money. 

You may check out their website for exciting promos: Dad's World Buffet

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