NESCAFÉ Cappuccino is the most indulgent coffee I’ve ever had!

Nov 10, 2014

Like most coffee drinkers, I can't function properly, if at all, without my morning jolt of coffee.  But it can't just be any coffee! Thankfully, there is NESCAFÉ Cappuccino,the most indulgent coffee I've ever had! A cup is just the indulgence that I need to make my day!
Nescafe Cappucino is not just any coffee! It is frothy, and with the additional sprinkle of choco, it makes any coffee moment a truly indulgent experience! I take coffee in the morning before starting my day, and in the afternoon for that pick-me up, and any other time in between just to indulge.  The choco sprinkles in Nescafe Cappucino makes me feel I am not just taking coffee from a sachet, rather in an expensive coffee shop, but in the convenience of my breakfast table or office desk and with such an affordable price!
So let me count the ways why Nescafe Cappuccino is such an indulgence:
N-Nothing beats an early morning coffee or an afternoon pick-me up!
E-Escape from the dullness of the usual 3-in-1 coffee!
S-Satisfies your yearning for not just an ordinary cup!
C-Can't get enough of the chocolate-ness, with the choco foam and the choco sprinkles!
A-Affordable, yet so great! Value for money indeed!
F-Frothy, fabulous and fantastic! I said frothy already, but it really is!
E-Enjoyment in a cup! A truly enjoyable experience!

As a wife, mom, employee, MBA student, blogger and wanna-be-mountaineer, I have a huge appreciation for value for money, convenience and yes, indulgence. And when I find a product that satisfies all those criteria, then I couldn't be happier! Below are photos of my morning indulgence, before and after the choco sprinkles! Looks yummy and smells heavenly, right? 
How about you? How indulgent is your coffee?

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