She is Now A Lady!

Dec 20, 2014

Time indeed goes by when you are having fun! My daughter, my youngest child is now 10, and is almost a lady. I teared up a little when I saw her looking like one here, dressed for her Christmas Party! Can you imagine how I would feel on her prom, or her debut or worse, on her wedding?
Indeed, our kids grow up in front of our very eyes and yet we will always see them as our baby, because for us, they will be forever be.

Wednesday Happy Thoughts

Dec 17, 2014

Happiness is:
1. We now have a  van! Unfortunately, we don't have anymore money to go to Baguio, hehehe!
2. I am now officially a stockholder of Robinsons Retail! I am now trading online! A milestone indeed!
3. Survived Thursday and Tuesday with only 500-calorie intake. Wag ko lang maibili ng Gongcha mga kapustahan ko, hahahah.
4. Weekend in Taytay with my sisters and the kids.  Early Christmas thingie since they are going home soon.
5. Coffee. I missed this yesterday
6. Bulalo soup. At inamoy ko na lang ung ibang ulam sa dinner with the family last night.
7. New hearing aide for my mom.
8. Gift, gifts and more gifts!
9. My son Drexelle for being responsible in taking care of his siblings.
10. Looking forward our December 27 staycation!

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Crazy Hats with Crazy People!

Dec 12, 2014

We had one of our office Christmas parties and the theme was Crazy Hats. And these are the bunch of crazy people I work with! The party was fun: great food, great games and great food (did I say that already, hahaha!) It was exactly my kind of party, with my kind of people! 

Wednesday Happy Thoughts!

Dec 10, 2014

Happiness is:
1. I am going to Japan! I hope, hahaha. Visa application to be submitted this week. Keeping fingers crossed.
2. Booked an overnight stay at Oakwood for the family. Staycation after Christmas!
3. Coffee.
4. Tiannge shopping in Taytay.
5. New shoes for the hubby!
6. Work is toxic, yet very challenging.
7. No more classes for the remainder of the year (but the requirements are piling up!)
8. If I Stay and Where She Went by Gayle Forman. Super loved it!
9. We might be getting a lite ace van this week. Hope its a good one. That's the trouble with second hand vehicle, a tight budget and a big family.
10. Christmas is just around the corner! I can see it from here! Hahahaha

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10 Things

Dec 2, 2014

1. I was busy last week, I am busy this week and I am going to be very busy for the rest of the month!
2. Keeping fingers crossed for that Japan trip for work.
3. Almost at the finish line to get my MBA degree, and yet I am un-inspired to prepare for my thesis.
4.  Ehms will kill me, but I am having second thoughts about our SG-KL trip next year.
5. Happy to have opened my account at COL! Financial freedom, here I come! (hahaha, long way to go!)
6. Christmas is just around the corner and yet I am not feeling a bit Christmas-ey. Bleh.
7. Need to find time to research Mr. Maximillian Weber. Another bleh.
8. Bracing for tomorrow's long day of budget presentations. One more bleh.
9. Coffee. 3 cups a day.
10., Have thankfully gone back to the gym yesterday.


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