10 Things

Dec 2, 2014

1. I was busy last week, I am busy this week and I am going to be very busy for the rest of the month!
2. Keeping fingers crossed for that Japan trip for work.
3. Almost at the finish line to get my MBA degree, and yet I am un-inspired to prepare for my thesis.
4.  Ehms will kill me, but I am having second thoughts about our SG-KL trip next year.
5. Happy to have opened my account at COL! Financial freedom, here I come! (hahaha, long way to go!)
6. Christmas is just around the corner and yet I am not feeling a bit Christmas-ey. Bleh.
7. Need to find time to research Mr. Maximillian Weber. Another bleh.
8. Bracing for tomorrow's long day of budget presentations. One more bleh.
9. Coffee. 3 cups a day.
10., Have thankfully gone back to the gym yesterday.

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