Busy Ba Kamo?

Feb 27, 2015

Due this Saturday: Chapter 4, 2 midterms, 1 oral report.  OO, busy ako. Medyo lang. And do I need to say na I have a household to manage, I work at a very nice company where I have lots of things to do, and yet, here I am: blogging! 

But, I guess I am not too busy to tell you I am busy, right? Hahahaha.

Quo Vadis, Dinah?

Feb 22, 2015

Because I need to finish 2 chapters of my thesis, encode my survey results and do data analysis, I am blogging. Yeah, I cope in a stressful situation by opening my blog and writing about what I would rather be doing right now. And yeah, its to travel again! So I am writing a little Q&A with myself here: 

Me: So, where do you plan to go next?
Me2: You know that we have already bought a ticket to Cebu in December, right? And a lot can happen between then and now. Like, Cebu Pacific can again announce a seat sale tomorrow or even Air Asia! So, I don't really know for sure. And you know, we are going to buy a ticket. But to where? Oh to where?

Me; Well, lets see. You have been bitten by the travel bug in 2007 and since then, you have been to Baguio, Bohol (3x), Boracay (4x), Cebu, Ilocos (3x), Coron,, Puerto Princesa, El Nido, Donsol, Dumaguete in the Philippines. Out of the country you have been to Cambodia and Vietnam twice, Tokyo, Singapore and Malaysia. You have also climbed 10 mountains, with Mt, Pulag being the highest. So really, where do you plan to go next.

Me2: Well, I haven't been to Bacolod and Iloilo so they are top of mind, locally. Abroad, I want to go to Bangkok first, then Hong Kong and Macau and then Indonesia.  But I also want to go back to Japan, in Osaka this time, and I would really, really love to climb Mt. Fuji.  And oh, I want to climb Mt. Apo in Davao.

Me: You really have it bad, don't you?

Me2: Well, as they say, travel while you can. Because when I turn 50, do you think I can still rappel in Batangas or raft in Davao? By then, I would have the money, but not the energy to do all this things.  I would rather do it now, when I have to save for it and even make sacrifices for it, than later when my body can no longer enjoy it and would rather enjoy sleeping in the hotel.  I would travel as much as I can now. 

Me: And who am I to argue with you? Hahahaha!

Friday Letters

Feb 20, 2015

Dear Thesis, How dare you! How dare you come into my life and ruin everything! (oh well, exag!) I am a bundle of nerves, with no idea what to write, how to write, or even find the time to write! I cannot concentrate on work! I dream about you and I wake up in sweat! It's only a few weeks till the term ends, but I sure as hell wont miss you! Let us both hope this will be the end of it (oh well, till I write that one thesis that will allow me finally have that elusive degree)! Dear Lent, Thank you for always being a reminder of the passion and love of our maker.  It also means my no-meat and no-rice abstinence starts now. Dear Travel, stop beckoning me. Not a day passes without me checking our airline deals, hahaha. Its a sickness, I know! Dear Kids, thank you for being such a source of pride and inspiration! Dear Blog, I should be writing a thesis but instead I am writing here. What does that say, hahahah!

Wednesday Happy Thoughts!

Feb 18, 2015

Happiness is:
1. That Singapore and Malaysia epic trip last week!
2. Missing my kids so much, so coming home was extra special.
3. Inay for looking after my kids while I was away.
4. Getting closer to my husband and strengthening the relationship.
5. Was able to finish one oral report for HRM last Saturday
6. My escapes-Scandal, How to Get Away with Murder, Flash
7. Chocolates!!!
8. Nutella!
9. My flower, and the lumpia dinner with the family for Valentines
10. Start of lent and of my no-meat-for-40-days.

To see how this started and for credits on the image, click here.

A New Me

Feb 12, 2015

In just three weeks, I have been to three countries: Japan, Singapore and Malaysia.  One for work, and the two for leisure.  And in all three instances, I have learned a lot of things, and I know that for as long as I have the means, I will always try to go somewhere new, be it in the country or outside. The quote "the world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page" is true.  You see a lot of new things, and you improve yourself in new ways. You become more open, more curious, more adventurous. And so, you improve yourself in the process. And I am  now ready for a new me! I have never been that concerned about how I dress before but after these trips, I have become a little more conscious of how I look.  

In Japan, I saw how well people dressed in Tokyo. They are covered in stylish coats and yet they accessorize with chic scarves.  I was amazed at the sea of beautifully dressed humans at the Shibuya crossing! 
A little stylish in Tokyo
In Singapore, I saw how elegant the people dressed, both tourists and locals.  They have beautiful handbags and they have a flair for dressing for comfort. It looks so nice!
Dressed for comfort in Singapore
In Malaysia, I saw how diversified the people are and yet even women dressed in traditional clothing, be it in sarees or headscarves, have a certain grace in dressing up! A brooch and a bangle here and there makes a huge difference!
Ready to roam in Malaysia
And as I have mentioned, I am now more conscious and yet more adventurous of how I look. As I type this, I am checking out brooches and necklaces for everyday use in the office.  I am also trying out how new accessories could liven up my outfit. Now, black pants, a simple blouse and a watch will not cut it out for me and I need to have something to make it come together.  After seeing how women do it Japan, Singapore and Malaysia, I know I can put together something that will make me look more elegant and stylish! You too can do it. Check out ZALORA's extensive selection of accessories for women here. And the next time you see me in my posts, you will definitely see a new me!

A Trip to Remember

Feb 11, 2015

I am typing this while we are the gate waiting to board the plane back home to Manila from Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia.  We left last week to start an 8-day, 2-country trip to Singapore and Malaysia, with another couple. It was a full-packed vacation, complete with aching feet and lots of new firsts.  It was indeed  a trip to remember!

Unfortunately, I can't seem to upload any pictures from this tablet so I will just have to uodate this blog as soon as I get ahead of all the work and the school work too that I have set aside from this trip.

But as they say, work hard, travel more, and that is what I intend to do!

Hello Singapore!

Feb 5, 2015

For my 38th birthday, I am now in Singapore and then going to Malaysia the day after next! Will blog more about this awesome adventure next time!


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