Friday Letters

Feb 20, 2015

Dear Thesis, How dare you! How dare you come into my life and ruin everything! (oh well, exag!) I am a bundle of nerves, with no idea what to write, how to write, or even find the time to write! I cannot concentrate on work! I dream about you and I wake up in sweat! It's only a few weeks till the term ends, but I sure as hell wont miss you! Let us both hope this will be the end of it (oh well, till I write that one thesis that will allow me finally have that elusive degree)! Dear Lent, Thank you for always being a reminder of the passion and love of our maker.  It also means my no-meat and no-rice abstinence starts now. Dear Travel, stop beckoning me. Not a day passes without me checking our airline deals, hahaha. Its a sickness, I know! Dear Kids, thank you for being such a source of pride and inspiration! Dear Blog, I should be writing a thesis but instead I am writing here. What does that say, hahahah!

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