Quo Vadis, Dinah?

Feb 22, 2015

Because I need to finish 2 chapters of my thesis, encode my survey results and do data analysis, I am blogging. Yeah, I cope in a stressful situation by opening my blog and writing about what I would rather be doing right now. And yeah, its to travel again! So I am writing a little Q&A with myself here: 

Me: So, where do you plan to go next?
Me2: You know that we have already bought a ticket to Cebu in December, right? And a lot can happen between then and now. Like, Cebu Pacific can again announce a seat sale tomorrow or even Air Asia! So, I don't really know for sure. And you know, we are going to buy a ticket. But to where? Oh to where?

Me; Well, lets see. You have been bitten by the travel bug in 2007 and since then, you have been to Baguio, Bohol (3x), Boracay (4x), Cebu, Ilocos (3x), Coron,, Puerto Princesa, El Nido, Donsol, Dumaguete in the Philippines. Out of the country you have been to Cambodia and Vietnam twice, Tokyo, Singapore and Malaysia. You have also climbed 10 mountains, with Mt, Pulag being the highest. So really, where do you plan to go next.

Me2: Well, I haven't been to Bacolod and Iloilo so they are top of mind, locally. Abroad, I want to go to Bangkok first, then Hong Kong and Macau and then Indonesia.  But I also want to go back to Japan, in Osaka this time, and I would really, really love to climb Mt. Fuji.  And oh, I want to climb Mt. Apo in Davao.

Me: You really have it bad, don't you?

Me2: Well, as they say, travel while you can. Because when I turn 50, do you think I can still rappel in Batangas or raft in Davao? By then, I would have the money, but not the energy to do all this things.  I would rather do it now, when I have to save for it and even make sacrifices for it, than later when my body can no longer enjoy it and would rather enjoy sleeping in the hotel.  I would travel as much as I can now. 

Me: And who am I to argue with you? Hahahaha!

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