Gardening is Love!

Apr 25, 2015

My earliest memories when I was growing up was of my mom watering plants in front of our small rented house in Pasig.  There is something about green leaves and water that soothes me and makes me think of home.  That is why I always have to have plants around me! So despite the small space, and the hot season, when the mood strikes, I work to update my garden!
This mounted garden is still a work in progress.  What I really want is something Pinterest-worthy, and using recycled coke plastic bottles.  But I am still thinking if I would plant decorative plants, or vegetables.  In the meantime, this will do! 
I re-potted these plants, and the chilies that I got from Batangas.  I just hope that despite the heat of this summer, they will grow nicely so that my small garden will look nice very soon! 

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