Lunch Buffet at Seven Corners, Crowne Plaza

May 4, 2015

Thanks to BDO's 50% off promo, we were able to again enjoy the buffet at Crowne Plaza's Seven Corners.  The hotel is just across our office so it was an ease eating there for lunch.  We didn't have a reservation so we just walked in, and thankfully a group cancelled so we were seated after only 5 minutes.  As mentioned in a separate post, I love Seven Corners.  They have a wide selection and I know that I am getting good value for my money. So, for only P885, I present to you my lunch buffet, in the order that they were eaten.

My first plate was this salad. You can make your own and choose from different kinds of dressing or just get from the pre-made salad.
My second plate was Japanese. I had sushi, eel, salmon and sashimi. It was the best! I wish I had more space in my stomach for more. It was so good.
Next plate was the highlight of the meal, the steak and lamb. Served with a steaming mug of gravy (not in the picture) and mint. 
Next plate was seafood.  I had the shrimp and lobster grilled with butter. Yum! 
We also had oysters with cheese.  I have never tried oysters before but this was good!
 And another plate of steak and lamb. We came here for this actually. And it did not disappoint.
By this time, I was so full. But I just had to have two scoops of  teppanyaki with ground pistachio nuts. There are so many desserts to choose from but this is my favorite so far!
And a small plate of fruits to wash it all off. 
The meal also comes with a pot of hot tea to soothe and refresh you. All in all, I always love the buffet experience at Seven Corners.  There are a lot more dishes to choose from but I usually just eat the steak and lamb chops because they alone makes the price worth it. And when its on discount, its more sulit!

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