Wednesday Happy Thoughts

Oct 14, 2015

Happiness is:
1. Great Taste White Coffee
2. Brixton burger and fries.
3. Harry Potter movie marathon
4. Audio books!
5. Deciding to go to Cebu this December
6. Nasal spray
7. Blogging
8. First attempt Kare-kare. A fail, but an attempt nonetheless.
9. My Chicken 1-2-3 was a hit with the kids!
10. Coffee and cheese. Weird combo, but it works, hahaha.

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Fabulous Rebond at Envy Me Salon

Oct 12, 2015

So, it has been a year since my last rebond and my hair was looking worse for wear.  And we were attending a conference and I looked so gulo. So I searched for a nice deal for rebond, and I saw that there was a nice deal from Ensogo for a Fabulous Rebond at Envy Me.  I already tried their rebond before so I didn't hesitate from buying the deal again!

I actually called before purchasing the voucher and asked the girl if I can have a slot that day itself. Initially she said they are fully booked for the day, but when I asked if I can have a slot at 12, she relented and slotted me in! So I bought the voucher (P899) and went to Envy Me Salon in Robinsons Galleria at noon. I was done a little after 3pm! 

I love Envy Me Salon, but unfortunately during my session, there was no wifi signal.  Good thing I had a tablet so I just read the whole time.  I especially love the girl who shampooed my hair ( I gave the counter a tip for her) because she was very careful.

Envy Me Salon is located at the 3rd level of Robinsons Galleria.

Define Hellish Week!

Oct 2, 2015

I cannot wait for this week to be over! Last Tuesday and Wednesday, I had my comprehensive exams for my MBA, and consequently, I have been cramming with reviewing all the lessons of the past two years. We also had a family birthday that weekend (super fun, btw) that we attended and I had to review in the car and at midnight and in between meals. Not fun, I tell you. And then work is as hectic.  So the exams is over, and the deadline is over, and yesterday, I had a migraine attack.  I had it coming, I know, but the migraine was so bad I had to take a leave off work. Good thing it is Friday today and the week is almost over!


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