Thursday Happiness

Jan 14, 2016

 Thursday Happiness
I am living with gratitude this year, and will start to list down things I am gratefull for.  I used to do this last year with my Wednesday Happy Thoughts but I have decided to make my own banner this year. So, here goes:

I am grateful for:
1. Call from  a bank saying my car loan has been approved. But, there are still documents to be submitted and such, so I will hold off on the jumping up-down for the moment.
2. Resuming my lunch time exercises, and Zumba 2x a week.  Muscles still sore as I type this.
3. Our house is yellow. So bright and cool, hahaha.
4. The Red Queen book series. Finished reading two books, now can't wait for 2017!
5. Two birthday celebrations at the office, meaning free lunches! Yummy dishes! #goodbyediet
6. Didn't need to do the laundry mid-week, thanks to my hubby!
7. Almost done checking Budgets at work!
8. Planning a birthday climb! I need a mountain, soon!
9. New office uniforms! 
10. Christmas party at my sister's this weekend! Looking forward to this!

These are just some of the things I am grateful for this week.

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