Make Brushing More Fun with Minions!

Jun 7, 2017

My kids are no longer babies (not!) and they are do things on their own already.  They are now in their teens, and i don't have to remind them (not all the time, hahaha) to get themselves ready for bed.  But I still can still clearly remember how it was a few years ago when just getting them to brush their teeth was such a pain!  Good thing we made brushing such a fun activity.

Here are some ways how I made it fun for them:
1. Get them nice toothbrushes! When I go to the supermarket, I let them choose their own toothbrush so it doubles as a toy! Something like these Minions toothbrushes will do the trick! You can get these brushes here for you 2-5 years old, and here for your 5-9 years old. 
2. Sing a song.  Either a happy birthday song, or any song will do.  Okay, you can't really sing while brushing your teeth, but you can make noises, hahaha! Or you can do a chant, like Squeeze, Brush and Rinse!

3. Make it into a contest! Dare them to follow the leader, so they mimic what you do, or who can clean their teeth the best.  The kids will get crazy over those.

There are other fun ways to make brushing more fun as long as you let it be an enjoyable activity to look forward to.  

Have fun brushing!


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