What I Was Like As A Child

Oct 2, 2017

I was a very cute and chubby kid, who likes eating anything that I can have my hands on! I have a picture here to prove how cute I was!
Okay, so I was maybe a year or so here so this picture is antique, circa 1977! I don't think I look like any of my kids though, and that's a good thing! Hahahaha!

My Most Memorable Moment

Oct 1, 2017

Aside from all the wonderful memories of motherhood, my most memorable moment from my childhood was when I received an academic scholarship from St. Paul College of Pasig for my high school education.  I was the only one, among 200 students, to pass the exams from Caritas Manila, and to qualify for the scholarship. Because of that wonderful opportunity (though cut short, but that's another story), I was given a chance to study in one of the best Catholic schools in the country.  It has also given me a solid educational foundation. It has also made me realize the vast gap between the rich and the poor, and though I was literally a charity case in that school, I can choose to be positive about it.  That positivity and optimism has brought me to where I am now. Sad to say though that one of my most memorable moment also brings back one of my saddest moment in life, that early on.  But again, that's another story.


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